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The L
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What is The L?

The L is a web comic that will soon be up here on Irked-Confusion Studios.  What does the letter L stand for?  Well, you'll have to wait to see.  (The word "new" was removed.  The L is no longer a "new" web comic!)

Check out the "Sequential Pages" section for most updates and page commentary.

Check out the Full Colour Map for Volume One: 1776.
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Original image for map courtesy NASA and The Visible Earth.

(As Of Page 060)

Total for Volume One: 143
Total for Volume Two: TBD
Total for Volume Three: TBD


Book One:  1776

Front Cover 1

Chapter One:  We Are Calgary!

Page03 - 9Mar08

Chapter Two:  Introduction

Page04 - 16Mar08

Chapter Three:  Off To War
Page05 - 23Mar08
Page06 - 30Mar08 - Due to something that happened that I don't quite remember last week the schedule has to be delayed.  Also I decided to add another chapter -- "Prophecy" -- after page eight. - 06Apr08
- 13Apr08
Page08 - 13Apr08
Note:  Pages 7 and 8 will be put up on the same day because it would feel like cheating to put them up seperately.  Now that they're posted you can see what I mean.

Chapter Four:  Prophecy
Page09 - 20Apr08
Page10 - 20Apr08 (11:49pm - I know, but it is still technically the 20th)
- 27Apr08 (11:22 - Getting Better)

Chapter Five:  Training Day
Page12 - 4May08 (Going on Hiatus -- Last Page for Some Time - 11:14!)
Page13 - 21June08
Page14 - 21June08
Page15 - 29June08 (9pm)

Chapter Six:  Native Sons
Page16 - 22Aug08
Page17 - 21Sept08
Page18 - 12Oct08 (I was sick for the first time in three or four years and have since fallen behind.)

Chapter Seven:  The American Front
Page19 - 19Oct08
Page20 - 9Nov08 - Yeah, it's late.  See The Urban Mystic for future updates.
Page21 - 28Apr09
Page22 (unfinished)
Page23 - 13May09
Page24 (unfinished)

Chapter Eight:  They Who Fell to Earth

Chapter Nine:  Work Brings Freedom

Chapter Ten:  Our Thermopylae (We Get Signal)
Page42 - 13June09
Page43 - 13June09
Page44 - 13June09
Page45 - 13June09
Page46 - 13June09
Page47 (unfinished)
Page48 (unfinished)
Page49 (unfinished)

Page60 - 14March10 I compromised and didn't pick either the b&w or sepia version.  Here is a new version using the layering technique used to make the second cover.

Book Two:  An Age of Freedom
Front Cover 2 - 04March10

Chapter Eleven:  January 2013
Page61 - 04March10
Page62 (NEW!) - it's technically a day late (by three hours).
Page63 (coming soon)
(coming soon)

Outlaw Seed Volume Two:  When Heaven Collided With Earth (Fourth Book of Ten)

Chapter 06:  Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Page243 (unfinished)

Special Teaser for page 22!!!!  This page has been in the works since 6 November 2009.  It is without a doubt the single most difficult page in the book so far.  Here's what the page has been waiting on for so long, the complete world map.

There will also be a North America map showing all the sites visited (or mentioned) in Volume One.  There will probably be one map per volume, so you can expect two more.

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Conceptual Art Part 1 Act 2

EV (Male)
Conceptual Art for Part Two

-Old News-
Sorry for the tiny size of the pages.  Originally they were 802x1248 but the only place I am able to upload images (myspace) limits the dimensions to this.  If anyone knows of a good place to upload image files for free that doesn't provide "download" links instead of linking directly to the actual picture please tell me so I can put up the full sized pages.  I'm going to have to find an alternative to myspace anyway because they say they don't allow "violent" images and the second half of the story is just a bunch of guys hacking eachother to bits.

Also, sorry for having to link to the pages instead of putting them here.  Freewebs limits the width of the page to just less than the width of the images themselves so the text on the side gets cut off.

UPDATE:  I think I've solved the problem of the hosting the images but the huge size of the side menue limits me still to linking to each page.
The story will be about 40 pages long and you can expect a new page to be put up every week or so.  Expect page 03 up by this weekend.

UPDATE:  The links to the cover and page 12 have been changed.  Page 12 has been fixed.

UPDATE: New pages will be added every Sunday unless otherwise noted. (9Mar08)

UPDATE:  I've started a video commentary on The L.  Check the videos section for updates (starting with page three, obviously).  So far the first two chapters of the commentary have been put up.  Don't expect there to be any regular schedule like with the pages.  Video chapters are posted as they are made. (12Apr08)

UPDATE:  Expect two pages (13 &14) by 20 June the earliest. (13Jun08)

UPDATE:  Pages 13 and 14 are up!  Working on page 15.  Give it a week or so.

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